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Accounting Services

TKNP International provides a full range of Accounting Services geared towards assisting small to medium-sized business.

From management accounting to business information technology and payroll management, our priority is to help our clients minimise the time spent on non-essential tasks and reduce the significant costs associated with hiring in-house staff to perform these functions. By outsourcing these functions, our clients are empowered to focus on their core business and help increase their business profitability.


Our Accounting Services professionals provide quality, cost-effective, scalable and customised business solutions so that our clients can focus on what matters most.

Our services include:
  • Financial Statement Preparation

  • Management Accounting

  • Book Keeping

  • Business IT Solutions

  • Payroll Management

  • Employment Pass Applications

  • Consolidation Accounting

  • XBRL Reporting

  • IR8A Preparation

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